Matt Hardy On If We Have Seen The Last Of The Hardy Boys


Matt Hardy comments on feud with Jeff Hardy and the rise of AEW

Matt Hardy recently spoke to Inside The Ropes and he talked about a number of different things including his TV return, what he would like to do when he is back and more.

During the interview, Hardy was asked why a feud between him and his brother Jeff Hardy did not work and he explained that it took place during the boom period of the internet in the late 90s and people did not buy them as rivals.

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The Broken One was then questioned about his team with his younger brother. The reporter asked if we have seen the last of them as a team or if it will happen again, and Matt seemed to be hopeful towards a Hardy Boys reunion somewhere down the line:

“I mean I am sure we will do it (again). It’s obviously what we are most well known for. So I am sure that will happen. Anytime the Hardy Boys are together it’s a very special attraction and that’s what this industry lives all of nowadays to have special attractions.”

The former Hardcore Champion was also asked about the rise of AEW. He said that it’s a great thing which will be beneficial for everyone and it’s going to help everyone. 

Though he went on to explain that no one is going be on the global competition level of WWE but it’s gonna push the minds of the creatives and talents to do better.  You can check out the full interview of Matt Hardy in the video below: