Renee Young Opens Up About Her Commentary Being Criticized


RAW commentator Renee Young has opened up about receiving criticism and feedback regarding her commentary.

Renee Young has opened up some more regarding criticism over her commentary work in WWE

Speaking with AMBY, Young admitted that, before her joining the commentary team, she hadn’t been prepared for that spot. She highlighted she “did it for a few months in NXT years ago” adding, “But prior to me filling in and taking over that role, like I wasn’t groomed for that spot.” Young stressed that, when it came to live commentary, she was “learning this entirely new skill on Monday Night RAW.”

“So it’s like, ‘Yeah, no pressure babe, go out there and crush it.’ So it’s cool,” she said. “There’s good days, there’s bad days, and I’m always open to learning. I’m always open to criticisms.” 

“You Can’t Take Everybody’s Opinions”

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She spoke about the importance of being able to listen to negative feedback without being overwhelmed by the criticisms. 

“I think sometimes you have to be careful on like, how often you take those criticisms. Because everybody — like, even if it’s good, even if I go backstage after RAW and you run into five, ten different people who want to have an opinion on it, you can’t take everybody’s opinions,” Young explained. “You’ve gotta weed through that, and it’s just navigating those waters. But yeah, it’s nice to just sort of be honest with myself and be honest with other people. Because yeah man, I’m in a spot and trying to make the most of it.” 

The RAW commentator has previously responded to negative comments from fans via Twitter. She confessed she wasn’t sure whether she should respond to the message or not, citing her own insecurities with commentary. After responding, however, she was surprised at the reaction she got, saying that “just actually talking from my heart really got to people. So that was really cool.”

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