Ryback Speculates On What WWE Would Do If They Lost Ratings To AEW


Ryback has speculated over what WWE would do if NXT lost ratings against TNT's AEW television show.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Conversations with the Big Guy, Ryback speculated over what might happen if All Elite Wrestling (AEW) beat WWE‘s NXT in the ratings.

He stated he doesn’t believe WWE will lose the Wednesday Night War as “NXT is a reflection of the WWE brand.”

“It is WWE, so I don’t know how long they keep the current format, but I think if they go in, I think they are going to be shocked if they go into the losing end in all of this,” said Ryback.

“Vince McMahon Is Very Highly Competitive”

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If they were to begin losing ratings to AEW, Ryback believes that WWE would probably change the format. He suggested that the promotion would pair NXT with RAW or SmackDown. This would give them the chance to capitalize on bigger crowds versus filming at Full Sail University.

“If they do [lose ratings], I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they do switch the format where they record NXT on a RAW or SmackDown brand and they adjust things where they have the big crowd currently there. I think they will definitely look for something if they think they are losing because of the live audience. They are not going to want to keep losing in the ratings, I know that much. Vince McMahon is very highly competitive, so I think they are looking at it like this is a good way to slow down AEW with NXT.”

NXT moves to USA Network on September 18th. AEW‘s debut show on TNT will air a few weeks later on October 2nd.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.