Sami Callihan Explains Why He Supports Inter-Gender Wrestling


Sami Callihan was a guest on Busted Open Radio today.

Sami Callihan is scheduled to face Brian Cage for the Impact Wrestling world championship at Bound for Glory in Chicago on October 20th. He earned the right to challenge for the title by defeating Tessa Blanchard at Unbreakable. Blanchard and Callihan had won the mash-up tag team tournament on an earlier episode of Impact’s weekly show to set-up their #1 contender match.

Callihan was a guest on today’s episode of Busted Open Radio. He talked about Impact’s move to AXS TV and his views on inter-gender wrestling.

“I actually thoroughly enjoy inter-gender wrestling,” Callihan said on the show. “If you look at my company, the Wrestling Revolver, I don’t even really book just women vs women matches, I book everyone as they’re professional wrestlers.”

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“I don’t believe there should be a difference between male and female, I believe we’re all Marvel characters and at the end of the day we can all find something that will work to make everybody happy,” he continued.

Callihan would continue to talk about the excitement in the locker room at Impact on the heels of the move to AXS.

“I think right now Impact has the best locker rooms it’s ever had because for the most part, everybody is on the same page and everybody’s friends. That’s one of the biggest things, there’s not a lot of people trying to stab each other in their backs, there’s not a lot of people trying to bitch and complain. Everyone in that company right now for the most part is friends and they’re all working together to get to that next level together because we all put this company on our back and want to give it a chance to be what it used to be and maybe possibly better.”