Sasha Banks On How She Felt On The Day Of Her Return


Sasha Banks recalls the long day of her return

Sasha Banks‘ return to WWE during a Raw episode recently was one of the most surprising moments of WWE programming this year and it left the internet buzzing for days.

After her comeback, WWE aired a new episode of WWE Chronicle focusing on the Boss and in the WWE Network documentary; the former Women’s Champion opened up about her hiatus from the company and talked about it in detail.

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While discussing the day she made her return to the WWE programming, Sasha said that it didn’t feel real and expressed that the day was very long for her:

“It didn’t feel real, it just felt like the week before it wasn’t finalized and then the call came a couple of days later, with flights and it was back to it just like that. It was such a long day, I had to hide on a bus and sit and wait until the time was right.”

She then recalled how she hadn’t put on her wrestling gear in a long time. The Raw Star was trying to fix a wig on the top of another wig and figuring everything out was crazy.

Sasha Banks also visited the performance center in preparation of her return and during her time at the PC she remembered how Dusty Rhodes supported ‘The Boss’ character.

According to the former champion, people were questioning her and the character but Rhodes said that this is it and they continued working on the gimmick.

Quotes via WrestlingInc