Taz Discusses Possible Commentary Return, What He’s Looking For


Taz has interest in doing commentary work

ECW Original Taz recently spoke to Wrestling INC’s WINCLY podcast to discuss his potential return to the commentary booth.

This comes after noted on his official Twitter account that he has had recent talks with a few pro wrestling promotions. 

In this interview, he noted that it was just a quick interaction on Twitter as he tries his best to talk with his followers and was just answering a question. 

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“It’s been several years since I’ve done commentary in pro wrestling and over time it’s something I’ve missed. Anybody who listens to my podcast, they’re not super-shocked as I talked about this in one of my shows about a month ago that I missed commentary.”

Taz Shares Having Recent Talks With Wrestling Promotions

Taz noted that it blew up but noted that his time as a commentator is something that he loved both in WWE and TNA. He noted that he had a lot of fun doing it. 

He recalled making the transition from the ring to the commentary desk and how it was a hard thing for him to do as he didn’t want it but Vince McMahon felt it was the next chapter for him.

Taz stated that the No. 1 thing he’s looking for in a promotion that he could potentially work for is credibility in the ring with stars who can work and not look green. 

The reason for this is due to him wanting to be honest with the audience as he doesn’t want to call out talent for lack of experience or lie to the audience about a mistake that happened.