Taz Shares Having Recent Talks With Wrestling Promotions


Taz has interest in doing commentary work

Taz noted on his official Twitter account that he has had recent talks with a few pro wrestling promotions. 

The talks were regarding his interest in a potential return to commentary. He noted during Sunday’s WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view that he missed doing commentary when asked by a fan. 

This led to him responding about whether he would return to the announce table if they asked him.

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He wrote, “I actually miss it (doing commentary in general) very much! Btw… they’re all other places to apply that craft besides WWE,” Taz wrote. He continued, “As far as commentary, truth be told…over the past several months I have had healthy in-depth conversations with a few Pro Wrestling companies.. just not the right fit for me (and my goals) with those individual organizations at the moment….”

As of this writing, there’s no word yet on which promotions that the former ECW Champion talked with. In the meantime, Taz is staying busy with his podcast, The Taz Show, that has won awards for covering the world of pro wrestling, sports, and entertainment. 

Taz had a successful in-ring career while working for ECW and WWE among other promotions. 

After doing part-time commentary work for WWE in 2000 for SmackDown, he joined the announce team in February 2001. 

Following his departure from WWE in April 2009, he signed with TNT in August of that same year where he was part of the commentary team until 2015.