TJP Reveals He Got An Offer From Bellator


TJP says he was as surprised as everyone on the offer

Not many would see former WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP as a potential MMA fighter and as it turns out, the former WWE Star was also very surprised when he got an offer for an MMA fight.

The former Champion recently spoke to WrestlingInc and during the interview; he revealed that he was recently offered a fight by MMA promotion Bellator.

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Discussing his initial reaction to the offer, Perkins said that he had the same reaction as everybody else and it’s one of the most out of left field offers he has gotten since leaving WWE:

“I kinda had the same reaction that everyone else did; your guess is as good as mine. It was around my birthday week where I was in between travel and my manager forwarded me this offer. It’s probably the most out-of-left-field offer I’ve gotten since I was asked to do a Bar Mitzvah after I left WWE.”

TJP then went on to discuss the problems he might face in transitioning to an MMA training routine and getting ready for a fight at the age of 35.

Though during the interview, he revealed that he hasn’t declined the offer yet and implied that he would have to evaluate whether it makes sense for him to accept the fight or not.

TJP was released from WWE back in February this year. He has returned to the independent circuit since then and the former Champion also made his comeback to Impact Wrestling in June this year.