Why Jushin Liger Was Not Booked For NJPW’s Fighting Spirit USA Tour


Jushin Liger was missing from the NJPW’s Fighting Spirit: Unleashed Tour and the reason behind it could be storyline-based.

If you haven’t caught up with what’s going on at New Japan, here’s the gist. At the recent Destruction in Kobe event on September 22, Jushin Liger attacked Minoru Suzuki and other members of Suzuki-Gun when Suzuki attempted to remove Liger’s mask. Liger delivered a low blow to get him off, then unmask himself to reveal his alter ego: Kishin Liger.

Kishin Liger
Kishin Liger.

This side of Liger is considered to be extremely dangerous, and there’s no saying on how he’ll try to attack his opponents. This was made clear when he tried to stab Suzuki with a large metal spike last week.

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Back to why Liger was missing from the tour. According to a report from PWInsider, Jushin was not booked for the tour because his alter ego Kishin was unleashed. Kishin Liger is a rare transformation which usually happens when someone tries to remove Jushin Liger’s mask. He has had his mask removed to reveal the evil Kishin Liger only four times over the last three decades. Needless to say, we only get to see this character in special events.

The Kishin Liger gimmick consists of mannerisms and imagery that is the exact opposite to that of a normal person. Jushin Thunder Liger on the other hand, is a wholesome and jovial type of character. It appears that Jushin Liger was not booked for the event because it would contradict the ongoing storyline with Minoru Suzuki.