WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/17)


The September 17th, 2019 edition of WWE SmackDown Live took place at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA.

– The New Day comes out to the ring, and it looks like we’re starting off the show with a six-man tag.

The New Day vs. The Revival & Randy Orton: Big E starts off in control against Wilder, then Woods tags in for the double team. Kofi and Orton tag in, and Kofi gets the upper hand, then Woods and Big E tag in for repeated double team attacks on Orton. Kofi tags back in and looks for the Trouble In Paradise on Orton, but Orton dodges it and rolls out to ringside to regroup. Dawson and Woods tag in, and Dawson gets the upper hand, then starts working over Woods’ bad knee. Orton tags back in and continues the punishment to Woods’ knee. Orton lays into Woods with chops to the chest now. Dawson tags back in, but Woods kicks him out to ringside. Wilder tags in and prevents Woods from tagging out. Orton tags in, but Woods knocks him out. Woods looks for a DDT on Wilder, who is still in the ring, but Wilder reverses and dumps Woods out to ringside. Orton grabs Woods on the floor and suplexs him on to the announce table. Back in the ring, Woods fights back and hits the SOS on Orton. Dawson comes in next, but Woods dumps him out to ringside. Big E drops Dawson at ringside, then Wilder hits a DDT on Big E at ringside. Woods drops Wilder at ringside with a kick. Kofi tags in and looks for a dive on Dawson and Wilder, but Orton runs in the ring and hits Kofi with a DDT. The Revival gets in the ring to gang up on Kofi, but Big E pulls Orton out to ringside, and then Woods drops both Revival members. Woods hits a flying elbow drop on Wilder, and then Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise on Dawson for the three count.

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Winners: The New Day

– As The New Day celebrates their win, Brock Lesnar‘s music hits. Brock and Paul Heyman come out to the stage, and Heyman’s got a mic. Kofi tells Woods and Big E to walk away, because this is between him and Brock. Woods and Big E roll out of the ring, and then Brock and Heyman get up on the ring apron. Heyman introduces himself, and him and Brock step into the ring. Heyman says Brock is standing in the way of the longevity of Kofi’s WWE Title reign. Heyman says he is authorized to inform Kofi that it’s a bad day for The New Day, yes it is. Heyman says his client officially challenges Kofi for his WWE Championship on October 4th on FOX. Heyman hands the mic to Kofi. Kofi says he promised that he would be a fighting champion, so he accepts Brock’s challenge. Brock walks up to Kofi and gives him the F-5.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are backstage for an interview. They briefly talk about Becky and Charlotte, but Bayley says they’re going to answer all the questions in the ring.

– Michael Cole is standing by for a live interview with Eric Rowan. Cole asks Rowan about Luke Harper’s return, and Rowan tells him to go ask Harper if he wants to ask Harper a question. Michael asks Rowan about the attacks on Reigns, and trying to kill him. Rowan gets mad at Cole and tells him that nobody talks to him that way. Rowan says he’s been underappreciated and disrespected by people like Cole and Reigns, and the rest of the WWE Universe. Rowan says they all think he’s just a grunt in the background doing someone else’s bidding, but he’s not a puppet. He says he’s not a follower, he’s a leader. Cole asks why he betrayed Daniel Bryan. Rowan says Bryan’s biggest mistake was thinking they are equals, because he has superior intellectually and physically. Rowan says his attacks were a message to everyone not to disrespect him again.

Ali vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: This one is a non-Title match. Sami Zayn introduces Nakamura and cuts a promo before the match. Sami says he likes Ali and thinks he’s super athletic, but one thing he’s not and never will be, is a Champion. Nakamura shoves Ali and Ali fires back with a right hand. Sami tackles Ali and then Nakamura knees him in the head. Nakamura throws Ali in the corner and then gives him the Kinshasa.

Winner: No contest

– We see Kevin Owens in the audience, and he takes a seat. We see Shane McMahon watching Owens on a monitor. A referee comes in to tell Shane that there’s someone here to see him, and that Owens is here. Shane leaves his office to go deal with Owens, and as soon as he steps out, someone walks up to Shane and serves him with a lawsuit. Shane look at the paper and walks off.

– Back from the commercial break, Shane McMahon comes out to the stage with the lawsuit he was served with in hand. Security comes out behind Shane, and Shane directs them to stand at ringside facing the section Owens is sitting in. Shane gets in the ring as Greg Hamilton gives him his extended introduction. Shane asks Owens to come in the ring so they can talk about what Shane is holding in his hand. Shane instructs security to give Owens and a mic, and let him in the ring, but to stand between them. Shane then tells the security to leave so they can talk man to man. Shane says what he’s holding is the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history, for $25 million. Owens tells Shane to shut up and listen. Shane says Owens is desperate and his case is weak just like Owens. Owens says Shane is wrong and he has a strong case. Owens points out that Shane attacked him when he was a guest ref, which is what Shane fined Owens for when he did it to Elias. Owens says Shane then fired him for being insubordinate, but Owens did exactly what Shane wanted him to do and tried to help him beat Chad Gable, but even with his help, Shane couldn’t beat Gable, because Shane tapped out. This starts a “you tapped out” chant. Owens says he knows where he can hurt Shane the most is in his wallet and pride. Owens says there’s something Shane missed in the lawsuit. Owens says when he wins, he gets the to come back to SmackDown and fire Shane McMahon. Owens drops the mic and leaves through the crowd.

Daniel Bryan is shown backstage sitting and thinking.

– Charlotte is backstage getting ready for her match, and then her father Ric Flair walks in to give her a pep talk.

– The rapper Offset from Migos is in the ring to introduce Charlotte Flair for her match.

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks: Bayley is at ringside for this one. Charlotte controls the opening moments of this one. They fight spills out to ringside, where Sasha mounts a comeback after Bayley briefly distracts Charlotte. Banks and Flair trade kicks on the way back in the ring. Charlotte hits a series of chops to the chest and drops Sasha. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Charlotte applies a Boston Crab, but Sasha fights out and rolls up Charlotte for two. Sasha hits a knee to the face, but then Charlotte fires back with a kick that knocks Sasha out to ringside. Charlotte goes up top and hits a moonsault off the top on both Sasha and Bayley. Back in the ring, Charlotte puts Sasha in the Figure Four, but then Bayley hits the ring and attacks Charlotte.

Winner via DQ: Charlotte

– Sasha and Bayley beat down Charlotte until Carmella comes out for the save. Carmella kicks Sasha down and then Charlotte hits a big boot on Bayley.

– Baron Corbin comes out to the ring for his official coronation as King Of The Ring. He puts on the crown and cape, and gets on the mic. Corbin says he knows he’s no the king the WWE Universe wanted, but he’s the king they needed. Corbin invites his opponent from last night Chad Gable to come out to the ring. Gable comes out to the ring, and Corbin makes some height jokes. Gable has heard enough, and he spears Corbin through the big throne set up in the ring. Gable pummels on Corbin, and then tears up the King’s robe. Gable beats Corbin with the gold scepter, and Corbin retreats out of the ring. Gable continues destroying the King Of The Ring props in the ring as Corbin freaks out on the ramp. Gable picks up the crown and sets it down on the mat in front of him. Corbin screams and begs Gable not to, and the crowd chants “yes.” Gable stomps on the crown and destroys it.

Heavy Machinery vs. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel: Tucker starts off with a belly to back suplex on Axel. Axel tries a suple xof his own, but Tucker reverses it into two more suplexes. Dallas causes a distraction, which leads to Axel pummeling on Tucker in the corner. Dallas and Axel trade frequent tags now to double team Tucker. Tucker fights back, then Otis gets the hot tag and cleans house. Dallas throws some strikes at Otis, but Otis hulks up and gives him a fallaway slam. Otis hits a splash in the corner, then the Caterpillar. Tucker tags in for the double team on Dallas for the three count.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Daniel Bryan is shown backstage walking through the hallways of the arena.

Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. Bryan says the people chanting his name are the same people who thought he attacked Roman Reigns, but he understands why now. He starts talking about Rowan, saying that he saw the potential in Rowan all along, and that Rowan is his friend and equal. Rowan comes out to interrupt. Rowan takes issues with how Bryan treated him, and says he never asked what Rowan thought or for Rowan’s input. Bryan says if Rowan doesn’t like it, why doesn’t Rowan do something about it. Luke Harper then attacks Bryan from behind and beats him down. Roman Reigns‘ music hits and he comes out. Harper goes to intercept him at ringside, but Reigns runs by him and into the ring. Reigns hits a Superman punch on Rowan. Harper gets on the apron and Reigns takes him down net. Harper and Rowan fight back and double team Reigns, and then Rowan powerbombs Reigns into the ring post. Security comes out, but Rowan and Harper beat them down too. They start tearing apart the ringisde area and padding on the floors. Rowan picks up a chunk of the fan barricade and nails Reigns in the head with it. They chase off the announce team, and then grab Daniel Bryan. Harper and Rowan give Bryan a double chokeslam through the announce table. SmackDown goes off the air with Rowan and Harper standing tall at ringside.