Ed Nordholm Comments On Killer Kross Situation, Impact on AXS & More


Ed Nordholm addressed the Killer Kross situation again recently.

Impact Wrestling executive Ed Nordholm recently addressed several questions regarding Killer Kross, Anthem’s purchase of AXS TV and more. Nordholm spoke with PW Insider when making the comments.

Ed Nordholm on NJPW On AXS TV

“We enjoy (NJPW) on AXS TV and look forward to continuing that relationship,” Nordholm responded when asked about the company. “I think I’ve said it a couple of times since we acquired [AXS], to anybody asking, between New Japan, Women of Wrestling, Impact….my view of the world that AXS TV will be the destination to watch wrestling. We’ve got a great lineup and look forward to working with New Japan and Women of Wrestling.”

Ed Nordholm on Killer Kross-Impact Situation

Nordholm was also asked about where things stand with the Killer Kross situation:

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“Well, nothing has changed. Kevin decided that he would rather sort of tweet his position rather than deal with [inaudible]. We prefer talents discuss amendments as appropriate. We say the same for Kevin. He is a talented wrestler that we would prefer you to see in the ring than on the sidelines.”

He was then asked if there was a possibility Kross could return to the promotion someday:

“Yeah. Well, that would require him to come speak to the company and deal with his company, rather than Tweet. I mean there’s always the possibility. We are open to all conversations.”

Nordholm would also state communication continues with Kross’ representatives.

Ed Nordholm Message To Wrestling Fans About Impact’s Product

There’s all kinds of content available, but we know that we have a unique show. If you look at how we have programmed the show over the last 18 months, 24, how many months since Scott [D’Amore] and Don [Callis] have been doing this…it’s been a consistent product [for] our fans and anyone who wants to watch it. So now I think we’re in a location, in a time slot, in a place where people can and should find us and we’re confident if they watch, they’ll enjoy it,” Nordholm concluded.

The full conversation with Ed Nordholm is available here.