Joey Janela Says NXT’s Product is “Stale”


Joey Janela says he could be the one to mess with NXT.

Joey Janela says he might be the one to mess with WWE on AEW television. Janela was recently a guest on the WINCLY podcast and spoke about the Wednesday Night Wars and referred to NXT‘s product as “stale.”

Janela said on the show he watched NXT‘s debut on USA a few weeks ago and wasn’t that impressed.

“I watched the [NXT] premiere a few weeks ago and it was okay. I don’t watch NXT and haven’t watched it in two years. There were other reasons I wanted to watch it as well *cough cough* Lio Rush who I wanted to see f**k up or not. But he did great. Besides that, it was kinda stale.”

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He would admit that NXT‘s PPV events are good, however.

“Their PPVs are spectacular; they’re big Saturday shows are great. I think it’s gonna be competitive and I think NXT knows what they’re doing. But AEW knows what they’re doing as well. So we’ll see what happens.”

Janela also teased that he could be the one to mess with the other company similar to what happened a few times during the Monday Night Wars.

“I don’t know. I was a big, big WWE fan in the Attitude Era and I would like to be that prick,” admitted Janela. “There’s a chance I could be that prick, so you’ll have to watch and see.”

The full interview with Joey Janela can be listened to in the player below: