Luchasaurus On Which WWE Star He Took Inspiration From


Luchasaurus reveals which WWE star he studied for his character

Luchasaurus first made his name working for Lucha Underground. He has quickly become a fan favorite in AEW as well and many see him as a future world champion of the company.

The AEW Star was the latest guest on Talk is Jericho podcast where he opened up about his journey in wrestling so far and he revealed which WWE star he has taken inspiration from.

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The former Lucha Underground star revealed that he took inspiration from the former World Champion Kane, and The Big Red Monster was the first star he studied when he got the mask:

“Kane was actually the first guy I tape studied when I got the mask. I immediately went to Kane. My vision was to be the new-age Kane, where I had the hair out and I wanted to make it a face mask and open up the mouth because I did want to have impressions still,”

Luchasaurus went on to explain how Kane was the guy for him because selling with the mask is very difficult but the way the WWE Star did it was very good.

Apart from this, the AEW star discussed the development of his character in detail and also talked about being paired with Jungle Boy in the company.

Quotes via WrestlingInc