MLW Fusion Results & 5 Takeaways (1/11/20)


MLW presented a new episode of Fusion this weekend.

Major League Wrestling presented a new episode of Fusion on BeIN Sports and YouTube this weekend. The show was headlined by the second Opera Cup semi-final match between Timothy Thatcher and Brian Pillman Jr. and also featured a tag title match between the Von Erichs and the newly named “Filthy Squad.”

MLW Fusion 1/11/20 Quick Results:

  1. MLW World Tag Team Championships
    The Von Erichs (c) defeated the Filthy Squad
  2. Opera Cup Semi-Final #2
    Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Timothy Thatcher

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

The Von Erichs defeated The Filthy Squad

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Tom Lawlor has said he’s putting “Team Filthy” back together and this week we found out that Ken Doane and Mikey Mondo will now be going by the name “the Filthy Squad.” They were pitted up against the Von Erichs in a tag team title match this week.

The Squad targetted Marshall Von Erich’s injured knee throughout the match. After Marshall managed to tag out, however, the Von Erichs went on offense. They would finish the Squad off with an Iron Claw assisted slam (the Iron Slam) to retain.

After the match, the Von Erichs were attacked by the newest member of Team Filthy, Rip Von Erich. The imposter Von Erich lost to Tom Lawlor on last week’s episode.

Injustice Attacked Brian Pillman Jr.

As Fusion was kicking off this week, Alicia Atout attempted to get an interview with Brian Pillman Jr. As she was doing so, however, Pillman was attacked by the members of Injustice. Pillman had previously gotten into a backstage disagreement with Kotta Brazil last week.

At this point, it is unclear if Pillman will be available for the night’s main event against Timothy Thatcher.

Gino Medina Joins The Dynasty

Not since Randy Savage arrived in WWF in the mid-80s have managers fought over the services of a wrestler to this degree. Since Gino Medina’s arrival in MLW was announced, Konnan and Selina de la Renta have been seen in the back trying to negotiate with him.

This week, Konnan came out and recalled being in the Gringos Locos stable with Medina’s father, El Sanguinario. Selina de la Renta also came out who had some words about Konnan. Finally, the Dynasty came out and MJF touted how he has 2 big-time wrestling contracts and everyone in the Dynasty are top guys as reasons why Medina should join their faction.

When it came time for him to make his decision, Medina shook Konnan’s hand only to boot him in the stomach directly after. Selina de la Renta would scatter from the ring as the Dynasty put the boots to Konnan. Medina has joined the Dynasty.

Brian Pillman Jr. Advances To The Opera Cup Finals

Pillman went into this match with an injured shoulder courtesy of the earlier attack by the members of Injustice. An injured body part is just what Timothy Thatcher loves to focus on in a match.

It looked like the match was all but over when Thatcher had Pillman trapped in an armbar but the youngster countered the submission into a pinning combination and scored the surprise 3-count. With the win, Pillman advances to the finals of the tournament next week.

Next Week

MLW has two big matches set up for next week’s episode of Fusion. The Opera Cup finals take place next week with two members of the Hart Foundation squaring off, Brian Pillman Jr. vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Also next week, Savio Vega will take on Gino Medina after taking offense to the Dynasty’s attack on Konnan this week.

  • Opera Cup Finals
    Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Gino Medina vs Savio Vega