Nikki Cross Talks About Marriage, Alexa Bliss, And Inspiring Others


WWE SmackDown Superstar Nikki Cross has opened up about married life, her partnership with Alexa Bliss, and what it's like to inspire others.

Nikki Cross was recently interviewed by The Scottish Sun. During their conversation, she was asked about her marriage to NXT Superstar Killian Dain. She also addressed her partnership with Alexa Bliss, and what it’s like to have inspired others.


Regarding her marriage, Cross admitted how both of them being in the business has been beneficial to their relationship. She noted that their fundamental understanding of the industry helps them make “sacrifices that are necessary.”

“The way we look at it, one day we will be 60 years old and be together every night,” Cross explained. “But we met through wrestling, love wrestling and understand that we’re both on the most amazing journey right now.”

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She continued, “It helps a lot because there are times where one of us will leave for 10 days and we don’t see each other. He is in Florida and I’m on the road with Smackdown so it’s important when we do have time together we make sure it is quality time connecting and talking. I always have loads to catch him up on.”

Nikki Cross’ 2020 Goals & Inspiring Others

Cross reflected on how last year was “incredible” for her. She highlighted her partnership both on-screen and in real life with Alexa Bliss, sharing how they’ve become “really, really good friends.” Cross noted how her main goal for their team this year is to recapture the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

On being a role model, Cross brought up other Scottish Superstars like Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray. She spoke with pride about the women’s Evolution show and how she is thrilled that she can help inspire girls and Superstars.

“When I broke into wrestling there were lots of women I’d look up to. There are so many women from other generations that helped us get to this stage and contributed so much. And now it has got to the point where we’ve had a women’s only pay-per-view and see multiple matches on each show. It’s an empowering feeling and I’m so happy that girls can be inspired by that.”

Nikki Cross will be one of the competitors in this Sunday’s 30-woman Royal Rumble matchup.