MLW Fusion Results & 5 Takeaways (2/29/20)


MLW Fusion this week emanated from Philadelphia's 2300 Arena.

Major League Wrestling presented its first episode of Fusion from its recent Fightland tapings in Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena. The main event of the show featured the return to the promotion of LA Park as Los Parks took on Josef Samael & Simon Gotch from Contra Unit.

MLW Fusion 2/29/20 Quick Results:

  1. Richard Holliday, Gino Medina, & Alex Hammerstone (the Dynasty) defeated Logan Creed, Savio Vega, and Mance Warner
  2. Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver (Injustice) defeated Zenshi & Laredo Kid
  3. Lumberjack Match
    LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park (Los Parks) defeated Josef Samael & Simon Gotch (Contra Unit)

The full episode of Fusion can be viewed in the player below:

Los Parks Get Measure Of Revenge Against Contra Unit

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The last time we saw LA Park in MLW, he was defeated by Jacob Fatu in the main event of the Super Fight PPV in November. He returned to the territory this week along with his son El Hijo de LA Park and they faced two members of Contra Unit in Simon Gotch and Josef Samael in a lumberjack match.

Contra Unit attempted to get an early advantage by attacking the father-son team during their ring entrance. The crowd was vocally behind Los Parks, however as they mounted a comeback throughout the match. Park would finally pick up the win for his team with a twisting senton onto Samael. Contra Unit doesn’t take to losses well so we will have to see how they respond to taking the L against the legendary luchador and his son here.

The Dynasty Pick Up A Win But Konnan Gets Even

Richard Holliday, Gino Medina, and Alexander Hammerstone came out to kick things off on Fusion this week. Holliday is still wearing the Caribbean Championship belt he stole from Savio Vega as well. The trio were interrupted by Konnan who was then backed up by 3 wrestlers who have all had their problems with the Dynasty in the past: Logan Creed, Savio Vega, and Mance Warner. An impromptu 6-man tag would begin.

The Dynasty would pick up the win after Holliday hit Vega with the belt. After the match, however, Konnan picked up a measure of revenge on Gino Medina with a flapjack and the babyfaces retook the ring to end the segment.

Injustice Insults Konnan, Pick Up Win

After the previous segment, Konnan found himself alone in the ring. The members of Injustice then came out and continued their ongoing rivalry with the legend. Brian Pillman Jr. who has had his own problems with Injustice stemming from their attack on him before the Opera Cup, came out to back up Konnan and serve on commentary for Inustice’s match against Zenshi and Laredo Kid.

Injustice would pick up the win after Laredo Kid was distracted by middleweight champion Myron Reed on the outside. Oliver and Kotto hit Zenshi with a crucifix stunner combo for the win.

After the match, Laredo Kid went after Myron Reed on the outside as Injustice was confronting Pillman at the commentary booth. Laredo Kid then hit Reed with White Noise in the ring and allowed the live crowd to count the 3-count on him while the luchador held up the middleweight title. It looks like a title match between these two is in the works and Pillman looks to have that title in his sights as well, though he might be a little heavy for it.

Brian Pillman Losing Weight To Go After Myron Reed’s Middleweight Title

In a backstage segment later in the show, Injustice poked fun at Pillman Jr for being north of the 205lbs middleweight limit. Pillman has since announced plans to go on the Keto diet to get down to 205 and take on Myron Reed.

100th Episode of Fusion Next Week

Next week will be the 100th episode of MLW Fusion. The special episode will feature an MLW World Heavyweight Championship match pitting title-holder Jacob Fatu of Contra Unit against CIMA.