Scott Dawson Of The Revival Teases, “I’M FREE!”


One half of The Revival might be "free at last" from his WWE contract

Scott Dawson of the popular WWE tag team The Revival is teasing that he might finally be free from the company.

Dawson, along with partner Dash Wilder, has turned down multiple offers to re-sign with WWE. Quoting the country music song “Amarillo by Morning by George Strait, he cryptically wrote on Monday, “I AIN’T GOT A DIME, but what I got is mine. I ain’t rich, but Lord I’M FREE!”

The Revival Leaving WWE?

We have reported over the last few months that The Revival have been looking to leave WWE. Although, this is not something new. The tag team have reportedly been unhappy with their stature in the company for quite some time; apparently turning down huge deals in the region of $750,000 per year each to leave WWE.

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The duo have also been attempting to copyright several of their trademarked names. This is likely so that they can be used outside of the WWE bubble, presumably somewhere such as AEW.

Recent Booking For The Revival

Dave Meltzer recently reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the tag team were being ‘phased’ off television. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were originally slated to be featured in SmackDown Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber Match. This at the namesake pay-per-view event. Plans are subject to change in WWE, however the plan is believed to be to keep them in the same ‘spot’ as performers. Such Jon Moxley and Matt Hardy before they left the WWE.

We do not currently know exactly how much longer Dash Wilder has on his WWE deal; however it is believed that it is around 10 weeks beyond when Dawson was slated to leave. It is also not confirmed if Dawson took a ‘buy out’ on his WWE contract or if he simply chose to not renew. “I AIN’T GOT A DIME” seems to indicate that he may have ‘bought’ himself out of his last few months. However this is just conjecture and we cannot currently confirm.