Hangman Page Teases Possible Return To AEW Shows


Will Hangman Page be returning to AEW tapings soon?

Hangman Page hasn’t wrestled since the March 18th episode of Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. It was the first of AEW‘s empty arena shows due to the ongoing global pandemic. On the most recent episode of “Being the Elite,” Page may have teased a potential return to AEW shows, however.

On BTE, Page has been shown living in the woods as of late but on the most recent episode, he teased it was time to go home. As he discussed going home, it could be speculated that by “home” he means returning to AEW television.

“Maybe I should go home,” Page said possibly referring to no longer living in the woods.

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“Honestly, it would be ridiculous to go home right now because out here I can’t get infected, I can’t infect anyone else. I mean, we’re all in this together, right?”

“It feels irresponsible to go back to my house, I mean, even now. I’d never know if I over-reacted coming out here to live but I’d forever live with the pain of knowing I didn’t do enough and to be honest, I’ve kind of been enjoying living out here.”

Hangman Page Returning To AEW Tapings?

Then Hangman’s analogy started to become more clear.

“I used to know more but living in a house is kind of all I understand now. And maybe most selfishly, I feel like I want to go back home because I was on the run of my life in that house,” Page said possibly referring to the momentum he had in AEW.

“I nearly won the prestigious ‘Man of the House’ award in May,” Page continued as he listed off reasons to possibly return “home.”

“I teamed up with our broom to clean the house better than anyone had ever swept before,” Page continued, possibly talking about his team with Kenny Omega if not his actual domestic prowess.

“Everybody was loving it, what I was doing in the house, and it made me feel more validated than I’d ever felt in my life. I felt like maybe I was on my way back to winning the ‘Man of the House’ award.”

“It seems unfair that I’ve gotten to live out this Snow White woodland fantasy while Cynthia from Foodland has to go back to her apartment every morning,” he continued.

Page’s comments begin at the 14:45 mark of the below video: