Santana & Ortiz On How “Bubbly Bunch” Segments Come Together


Santana and Ortiz recently spoke about being in the Inner Circle.

Santana and Ortiz debuted with AEW last year after having had a lengthy run with Impact Wrestling as LAX. Now known as Proud & Powerful they are members of Chris Jericho‘s Inner Circle faction. Recently on Konnan’s “Keepin it 100” podcast, Santana and Ortiz commented on what things are like behind the scenes with the Inner Circle and how the “Bubbly Bunch” segments come together.

“We’re just all in a group text and Jericho and all of us shot ideas and we figured it out,” Ortiz said about how the Bubbly Bunch segments were created. “Jericho literally sent us ‘alright, this is what you’re doing this week.’ He pretty much sent out a script for us. I’d have to do so many scenes, Santana would shoot so many scenes.”

They would continue to say that group texting is helping them come together as a team.

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“It’s been a lot of fun,” Santana said. “We all put these ideas together and everybody’s been into it and it’s been fun and it’s been getting good feedback.”

“And its been helping our relationship with all of us,” Ortiz added. “Because we’re on the group chat adding ridiculousness.”

Disco Inferno then pointed out that when the NWO started in WCW, they were a clique backstage. Disco asked Santana and Ortiz if the same thing was happening in AEW with the Inner Circle.

“Everybody chills together,” Ortiz answered, noting it’s not very cliquish backstage in AEW.

Santana and Ortiz talking about the Inner Circle can be heard in the player below: