Jim Cornette: “WWE Go Out of Their Way To Tell us It’s Fake, Except When They Need To Draw Money”


Former WWE backstage employee Jim Cornette recently weighed in on the RAW Underground segment that took place this past Monday night. The former booker of Smokey Mountain Wrestling talked about the new concept on this week’s Jim Cornette Experience podcast.

Jim Cornette on RAW Underground

“The WWE as a company, why do they go out of their way to tell us it’s all fake and it’s all entertainment?” Jim Cornette began on the show. “It’s all scripted and they’re playing characters and all the other things they say. AND THEN every time they try to juice things up? Or get interest or sell tickets? Or plug a big pay per view, back in the day? Now it’s just get the ratings up for the rights fees or whatever, they try to do something that’s purportedly ‘real’? Because everybody knows that’ll sell more tickets.”

Cornette would then lay into WWE‘s presentation of ‘real’ fighting, saying “and then they don’t know how to make it look real! When there ARE ways that you can make this shit look real.”

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“So this logic…not only the whole industry now, but the WWE in specific? It drives me completely batsh*t bonkers out of my f*cking mind” Cornette continued. “They go out of their way to tell us it’s fake, except when they need to draw money!? And then they, along with everybody else, acknowledge and recognise that the things that draw money are the things that people believe are real. So they try to do worked real sh*t, and don’t make it look real!”

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