WWE RAW Results (8/24): RETRIBUTION Attacks, Keith Lee Debuts


WWE RAW aired from the Amway Center in Orlando. It was the first episode of RAW following WWE SummerSlam 2020. Former NXT Champion Keith Lee made his main roster debut tonight. It was announced that The Fiend will defend the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman this Sunday at WWE Payback.

RAW Results (8/24)

  1. Shayna Baszler def. Bayley via DQ
  2. Akira Tozawa def. R-Truth, Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin to become the new 24/7 Champion
  3. Montez Ford def. Angel Garza
  4. Bianca Belair & Riott Squad def. The IIConics & Zelina Vega
  5. Randy Orton def. Keith Lee via DQ
  6. Asuka def. Sasha Banks to retain the RAW Women’s Championship
  7. RETRIBUTION interfered in the main event (Rollins & Murphy vs. Dominik & Rey)

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Randy Orton Attacked Drew McIntyre

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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre kicked off this week’s episode of RAW. McIntyre defeated Randy Orton last night at SummerSlam via a backslide cover to retain the WWE Championship.

McIntyre asked for a thumbs up from everyone in the ThunderDome before speaking about his match against Orton last night. Drew said it was one of the biggest challenges of his career but he stands here today still your WWE Champion.

Drew claimed that he was hungrier than Orton and worked harder than him last night. He added that he knows what it is like to feel desperate and wonder where his next paycheck is coming from. McIntyre said that Orton has always been coddled and his inner circle always made sure that he made it to the top.

McIntyre brought up Orton’s victory against Edge in the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” and joked that he is now the greatest wrestler because he beat Orton last night. McIntyre made his way up the entrance ramp and posed with the title but Randy Orton attacked him from behind. Orton beat McIntyre down and hit him with the Punt backstage. Randy hit another Punt before leaving. McIntyre refused medical attention and walked away under his own power.

Banks & Bayley Will Defend The Women’s Tag Titles Against Nia Jax & Baszler At WWE Payback

Bayley faced Shayna Baszler tonight on RAW and Sasha Banks was ringside. Before the match, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax argued backstage. Just before the bell rang, Nia Jax came down to the entrance ramp.

Match Recap: Shayna and Bayley locked up to start off the match as Nia crept to the middle of the entrance ramp. Baszler took Bayley to the canvas and shoved her boot into the SmackDown Women’s Champion’s shoulder.

Bayley escaped and rolled out of the ring in an effort to regroup. Bayley got back into the ring and connected with a kick to Shayna’s midsection and took her down with an Arm Drag. Bayley then spun around on top of Shayna while laughing before applying a Headlock.

Baszler quickly escaped and sent Bayley to the corner of the ring. Shayna caught Bayley with a knee to the face and started taunting Sasha Banks. Bayley capitalized a strike to the back of Shayna’s head and unloaded some strikes in the corner.

Bayley connected with an elbow to the back of Shayna’s head for a near fall. Bayley sent Shayna outside the ring and towards the entrance ramp where Nia Jax was standing. Shayna made her way to the apron and Nia Jax attacked Baszler from behind. Banks and Bayley had a smile on their face as they left the ring. Jax then stared at Bayley and Baszler got up and did the same. They then walked towards Bayley and Banks and the Women’s Tag Team Champions retreated.

Later on RAW, Nia Jax said that she wants to team up with Shayna Baszler and win the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Baszler said that she will help her with that if Nia gets off her back. Jax told Baszler that she has to follow her lead and Shayna slapped her in the face.

Aleister Black Knocked Out Kevin Owens

Aleister Black made his return following Murphy shoving his eye into the steel steps a last month on an episode of RAW. Black joined the Kevin Owens Show and requested that the footage be shown from last month.

Owens said that he has done a lot of terrible things to people in his career but has tried to take a different path. Owens added that Rollins hasn’t done that at all.

Aleister Black fell out of his chair and onto the canvas. Kevin Owens requested help but Aleister got up and elbowed him in the face. Aleister leveled Owens with Black Mass and left the ring to end the segment.

Opinion: I just want WWE to do something significant with him. He is an awesome talent in my opinion and I’ve hated his main roster run so far. I hope a feud with Kevin Owens can bring out the best in Aleister.