AJ Styles Says Match With CM Punk Will Never Happen


CM Punk has previously taken some serious shots at AJ Styles

AJ Styles was asked about a potential match with CM Punk during a recent Twitch Stream. 

This is where the former WWE Champion stated that this contest will never happen and it’s probably due to their history. 

“Nope,” Styles said. “That will never happen… I don’t have to go into detail about that one. I think it’s pretty obvious where things stand. I’m not a fan.”

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So what is their bad blood exactly? It all dates back to earlier this year in the wake of George Floyd’s killing. Punk first tweeted about other people showing their true colors by expressing their words and actions. 

This got a response from a fan who wrote, “Seeing AJ Styles promote streams and shit but couldn’t be bothered to post anything made it clear how he feels. That was a tough unfollow…”

Punk referenced AJ Styles’ history of ‘insensitive’ remarks by responding, “Well. Come on. That one has been obvious for years.”

Thus, if Punk ever does make a WWE return and he wrestles again, which is a big IF, fans shouldn’t expect him to see him share the ring with Styles.