Backstage News On AOP’s WWE Release


Vince McMahon had reportedly given up on the duo a long time ago

The WWE release of Authors Of Pain or AOP came as a surprise to many, especially because they were being pushed on Raw as part of Seth Rollins‘ stable before being taken off TV due to Rezar’s injury.

Dave Meltzer provided some update on the situation in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter and he revealed that Vince McMahon had already given up on the duo in 2019.

McMahon had lost hopes even before the team was paired with Rollins. It was the former Raw Executive Director Paul Heyman who saw potential in AOP and brought them back.

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Heyman reportedly wanted to give the duo a major push when Rezar returned from injury but Paul himself was removed from the position at Raw before the former tag champions could return.

Rezar had recovered from the injury and he was ready to return a few weeks before his release. However, the company decided not to use the two and made the decision to let them go instead.

There is no word yet on what the two are planning for their future after getting released from WWE and it would be interesting to see if AOP remains a tag team or if they go on their separate ways.