Retribution Core Members Revealed, WWE Survivor Series Match


One week after the identities of the core members of the Retribution group were reported, WWE basically confirmed the main stars. 

It happened with the opening segment of Monday’s episode of RAW on the USA Network when they jumped the barricade and got into the ring. Before that during the intro of the show, it was messed up with various graphics. 

They hit the ring and announced that they signed contracts to wrestle in WWE. Mia Yim grabbed the microphone and cut a promo before Dominik Dijakovic, who was sporting a new Bane-inspired look, took over.

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Because of their masks, Dio Maddin and Mercedes Martinez were also clearly seen in the group as well, but one other individual remained unknown. 

This led to the Hurt Business (MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander) coming out and challenged the group to a fight. 

This led to more members of Retribution showing up where they surrounded the group in the ring before beating down the rival faction. Dijakovic and Dio hit a double chokeslam on Lashley before the show went to commercial. 

The word making the rounds in WWE over the weekend was that Retribution vs. a WWE team is being targeted as the main event of Survivor Series.