Eddie Kingston Talks Potential LAX Reunion in AEW


The former IMPACT star talks the possibility of LAX reforming in AEW

AEW star Eddie Kingston appeared on this week’s episode of AEW Unrestricted. The newly signed independent king discussed a number of topics during the podcast; including Santana & Ortiz, singles run aspirations and the concept of a Hardcore division in All Elite Wrestling.

Eddie Kingston’s run with IMPACT back in 2018 was a major highlight of the promotion. Dubbed ‘King,’ he began his time with Santana & Ortiz in LAX before turning on them to form the OGz with Homicide and Hernandez (the original Latin American Xchange).

Eddie Kingston on LAX Reunion

“No, I’m adamant about that” Eddie Kingston began on the podcast, saying that he doesn’t want to reform the LAX team with Santana, Ortiz and Diamante in AEW. “They’re [Santana & Ortiz] busy playing touch butt with Chris Jericho. I gotta move on, Diamante’s got to move on. We can’t always just keep the group together.”

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“I may not agree with everything that Jericho does in the Inner Circle or whatever” Eddie Kingston continued. “But he’s taking care of my boys. Now, you know I’m not making a threat here because I don’t make threats, I make promises. If Jericho messes with my boys? Then, yeah, then you know I got to get in. But for right now?”

Eddie Kingston would then discuss the idea of him actually joining the Inner Circle group. “There’s no need for us to get together. And there’s no need for them to leave the Inner Circle, I guess? There’s [also] no reason for me to join.”

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