Impact Results (9/15): Main Event For Bound For Glory Confirmed


Impact 9/15 continued the build to Bound for Glory on October 24th, 2020.

Impact 9/15 featured a big tag-team main event and confirmation of the World Championship match at Bound for Glory next month.

Impact 9/15 Quick Results:

  1. Susie & Kylie Rae defeated Kimber Lee & Deonna Purrazzo
  2. Team XXXL defeated The Deaners
  3. Trey Miguel defeated TJP
  4. Willie Mack defeated Brian Myers
  5. Kiera Hogan w/ Tasha Steelz defeated Taya Valkyrie
  6. The North and Ace Austin & Madman Fulton defeated The Motor City Machine Guns & The Good Brothers

Impact World Championship Match Booked For Bound For Glory

Rich Swann will face Eric Young for the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory on October 24th. Scott D’Amore made the match official for the PPV this week. Swann came out on crutches to cut a promo. He said he wanted to face Young for the title which brought out D’Amore. The co-Vice President of Impact said if Swann faces Young he could end up crippled but Swann was undeterred. Young came out to confront Swann and a melee ensued after Young shoved D’Amore. As Young retreated up the ramp, D’Amore made the match official for Bound For Glory.

Tag Team Controversy Headlines Show

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The Rascalz were replaced in the night’s main event by the Good Brothers. Wentz and Dez had been attacked in the back earlier in the show by the North and Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. The match seemed to be more every team for themselves rather than 4-on-4 at times and this was noted on commentary.

The finish of the match came when The North delivered a double-team move onto Sabin but Ace Austin got the pin off the blind tag. The North looked annoyed at Austin after the match. The Good Brothers and MCMG also seemed to take issue with each other after the match’s conclusion.

Did Moose Call Chris Jericho For Advice?

Moose has been searching for EC3, who stole the TNA World Heavyweight title from him and has been threatening to destroy it. Moose called someone on the phone this week looking for help. He referred to this person as “Demo God” and asked them what they did that time they lost the World Championship belt, something Jericho did shortly after becoming AEW World Champion. Moose thanked the person on the other end of the phone for some advice the audience was not privy to and then said the next time they see each other, that the “Bubbly” would be on him.

Kiera Hogan Scores Huge Victory Over Taya Valkyrie Thanks To Tasha Steelz

Taya Valkyrie was perhaps more concerned with Rosemary and John E Bravo’s upcoming wedding than she was with this match. Valkyrie told Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz last week that they would not be involved in the wedding leading to this match.

With the referee distracted, Steelz kicked Taya in the head and allowed Hogan to hit a fisherman suplex for the win. One has to wonder how this match would have gone if Rosemary had been in Taya’s corner, however. Rosemary was seen approaching Havok backstage this week. She needs Father James Mitchell to officiate her wedding as she is a demon and all, but to bring him back she either needs a virgin sacrifice or Havok’s help. Havok seems unwilling, however.

Jordynne Grace Confronts Tenille Dashwood During Photoshoot

Tenille Dashwood was in the middle of a photoshoot with her own personal photographer this week when Jordynne Grace confronted her about “showing up to work.” A match between the two has been scheduled for next week.

Willie Mack Gets Measure Of Revenge On Brian Myers

Willie Mack came into this one having dropped 5 straight singles matches. He lost two in a row for the X-Division belt to Chris Bey, then he lost to Eric Young and recently he had dropped two in a row to the debuting Brian Myers.

Mack kicked out of Myers’ big DDT and then threw him into an uncovered turnbuckle that Myers himself had exposed before then giving him a Stunner for the win. Willie Mack is back in the win column and Brian Myers suffers his first loss in Impact Wrestling.

Trey Miguel Makes Case For X-Division Title Shot, Rascalz Attacked

Trey Miguel was seen challenging X-Division champion Rohit Raju in the back for a title shot this week. He then went out and had a great match with TJP, scoring the victory with a Meteora from the top rope.

Unfortunately, while Trey was out in the ring wrestling TJP, The North and Ace Austin & Madman Fulton attacked his Rascalz teammates in the back. Wentz & Dez had been scheduled to team with the Motor City Machine Guns later in the show but “Dr” Ross Foreman was unable to clear them to compete. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows then volunteered to replace the Rascalz.

Later in the show, Chris Bey, TJP, and Trey Miguel confronted Raju. The champion then suggested the 3 contenders face each other to determine the next contender.

Susie Channels Su Yung To Score Victory

This week’s episode kicked off with Susie and Kylie Rae teaming up to take on Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee. It would be Susie picking up the win for her team on Kimber Lee but the innocent Susie seemed to channel some of her darker Su Yung persona to close the match.

Susie would use a modified hurricanrana out of the corner followed by the Panic Switch on Kimber Lee to score the pin. Those two moves are more associated with her Su Yung persona than Susie. It seems possible that the former undead bride and Knockouts Champion Susie could be returning.

Team XXXL Picks Up Win Over The Deaners

This week a story appeared on covering Acey Romero’s astonishing weight loss. Perhaps Team XXXL will have to drop one or two of the “Xs” in their name soon.

The heavyweight team also picked up a big win this week over Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake. It was Larry D, who gained so much confidence in himself on Wrestle House as Lawrence D, picked up the win for his team when he knocked out Cousin Jake with a big right fist.

Next Week On Impact Wrestling

The following matches have been confirmed for next week:

  • Trey Miguel vs TJP vs Chris Bey (X-Division #1 Contender)
  • Kimber Lee vs Susie
  • Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace