Jim Cornette Talks His Biggest Issue With Retribution Storyline


Corny discusses the Retribution storyline

Former NWA commentator and outspoken pro wrestling personality Jim Cornette recently dissected the RAW Retribution storyline.

Cornette had more than a few issues with the ongoing RAW storyline. His seemingly biggest issue however, surrounded the fact that the majority of members (Mia Yim and Dijakovic specifically) were appearing on NXT television whilst the storyline was initially ongoing.

Retribution recently revealed that WWE had given them full time WWE contracts. The only issue is a large portion of WWE‘s fanbase already know who the members of the group are. With WWE attempting to put NXT on the ‘same level’ as RAW and SmackDown? It wasn’t exactly a good look for the Wednesday night brand.

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It’s also worth bearing in mind that both RAW and NXT are shown on the same channel, USA Network.

Jim Cornette on Retribution

“All of these people have been on national TV!” Jim Cornette began on the Drive Thru podcast. “Working for this same company, on the other channel. Recently, like concurrently while Retribution was f*cking on RAW jumping on people and doing all this sh*t.”

“These people were on NXT having nothing to do with each other and doing other sh*t under other names” Cornette continued. “It’s not like somebody came in from a different territory and they were new to you; so you hadn’t seen him or even that somebody came in from another company.”

Jim Cornette would finish by lambasting WWE further for the concept. “These people were literally working for the same organisation. Just on another television show. On another station. Last week. So what the f*ck?”

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