John Morrison Reveals Talks With AEW Before Signing with WWE


The Smackdown Superstar reveals he had talks with AEW prior to signing with WWE

WWE Smackdown Superstar John Morrison recently appeared on the Chris Van Vliet podcast. The ‘Shaman of Sexy’ discussed a number of topics during his time on the show; including talks that he had with AEW before eventually re-signing with WWE back in 2019.

Morrison originally left WWE back in November 2011. Since that time John Morrison would appear in a number of high profile promotions, including Lucha Underground and IMPACT Wrestling. Morrison was also heavily involved in the worldwide independent scene for the likes of 5 Star Wrestling (UK), PWG and Dragon Gate USA.

John Morrison on Leaving Lucha Underground

The former AAA Mega Champion revealed on the podcast that Lucha Underground ‘folding’ was a major reason he would explore a return to WWE. “So when season four of Lucha Underground ended? They have some stuff on their contracts where there’s a tail” John Morrison began on the podcast.

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“The tail doesn’t start until the episodes stop airing, so I’d signed with IMPACT.” Morrison didn’t confirm if there was a clause in the Lucha Underground contract that would’ve prohibited him from joining WWE at that time. Although, it is likely that he could not sign for another television based promotion, which is intriguing as he would end up signing for IMPACT Wrestling.

“When everything was free and clear? I decided ‘I’m a free agent again, completely free like no ties anywhere. I’m going to figure out where I want to go.'” John Morrison continued. “So I talked to WWE, and I talked to AEW.”

Morrison then revealed that he would end up signing with WWE following a conversation with Vince McMahon. “I had a really good conversation with Vince and they made me a really nice offer. And, I ended up taking it.”

Do you think that John Morrison was right to go back to WWE or should he have picked AEW? Let us know in the comments