Ken Anderson Reflects On Being Told ‘Funny Doesn’t Draw Money’ In WWE


NWA wrestler Ken Anderson has reflected on being told by Vince McMahon how "funny doesn't draw money" in pro wrestling.

National Wrestling Alliance’s Ken Anderson has reflected on a disagreement he had with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon during his time in the company.

Anderson, previously known as Mr. Kennedy during his WWE tenure, revealed how Vince McMahon informed him how “funny doesn’t draw money” in an interview with SportsKeeda.

He shared how, when he first debuted, he was “over-the-top” and comedic in his delivery. This prompted Vince McMahon to tell him to “[…] stop trying to be funny and entertaining.”

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This confused Ken Anderson, who thought “[…] isn’t that the point of what we’re trying to do here, to just be entertaining? He said, with all due respect, ‘funny, doesn’t draw money.”

When confronted with this idea, Anderson pointed to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He argued how The Rock would often entertain the crowd with humor. Vince McMahon allegedly told him how “[…] after Rock cut those funny promos, fans began to expect the same delivery every single night. I understood why it’s really hard to do that [cut funny promos] when you are running 52 weeks a year.”

Anderson confessed that it was interesting advice to receive. He added how comedy characters in wrestling seem to be “secondary” when compared to main event wrestlers.