Mike Kanellis Talks 205 Live Being ‘Obscurity’ in WWE


The former 205 Live Superstar talks how the purple brand was 'obscurity' in WWE

Former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. Formerly Mike Kanellis, Bennett would discuss a number of topics from his time with WWE. These topics would include creative meetings with Vince McMahon, appearing for NWA and his battle with addiction.

Mike Bennett Talks ‘Obscurity’

“When we (Mike and Maria) got released back in April? I spent a good two months like trying to figure out where my next move would be” Bennett began on the show. “I knew I wanted it to be special, but I also didn’t know if anyone would really be interested in me.”

Elaborating further, Mike Bennett/Kanellis would discuss how he knew he was a virtual unknown on the WWE roster, nearly from day one. “I’m not completely oblivious to what the last three years were like. I would love to come out and be like, ‘oh yeah like I was a former WWE guy! So everyone’s going to be chomping at the bit for me to come and wrestle for them.’ But I was kind of living in obscurity at WWE in 205 Live.”

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“I had little tidbits here on RAW and Smackdown” Bennett continued. “I really wanted to come out and do something special. But I didn’t know if that opportunity would exist, and like, thank god, this NWA opportunity came about.”

Mike Bennett recently appeared on the new NWA weekly PPV show on United Wrestling Network and FITE TV. Bennett challenged NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis for the prestigious Championship but was unsuccessful.

Bennett would describe how the opportunity to appear for the National Wrestling Alliance ‘excited’ him about pro wrestling again. “I don’t know how to explain it, it really just…it excited me about pro wrestling again. Because I had really been in a bad place. I hadn’t really enjoyed pro wrestling and a lot of that falls on my shoulders. I realised that, but the last three years [in WWE] kind of gave me a sour taste.”

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Mike & Maria Kanellis