Miro Comments On Learning English From 2Pac Songs


Miro learned English through 2Pac songs.

AEW‘s Miro made his in-ring debut on Dynamite last week. He’s been aligned with fellow Twitch streamer, Kip Sabian, so far in the promotion. Miro sat down recently with Chris Van Vliet and discussed a variety of subjects including his learning English through 2Pac songs.

The Bulgarian spoke about how he knew from an early age that he was going to travel to the United States and would need to know how to speak English.

“Because I knew I’m going to go to America, in 3rd grade I started learning English,” Miro said during the conversation.

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“Video games was English. I loved video games so I had to learn English to see what they were saying. At the same time, I wanted to learn English because I’m going to America and watching all these old movies, they prepared me.”

He also spoke about how learning 2Pac’s lyrics also helped him learn English.

“Again, movies, English, I had to open the dictionary sometimes and look for a word or listen to 2Pac songs, ‘ah, what does that word mean?’ I have to find a big dictionary, it’s not the internet. It’s like the big dictionary where you open and you read this word and that’s how you learn. And on top of that, you go to school and you learn more and more.”

“Of course, of course, 2Pac’s my favourite rapper of all time,” Miro concluded on the subject.

A clip featuring Miro speaking of learning English and coming to American can be viewed in the player below: