Renee Young On Her ‘Very Weird’ First Meeting With Vince McMahon


Renee Young recalls her first meeting with The Boss

During her 8 year-long tenure with WWE, former backstage personality Renee Young became part of many weird moments in the company. As it turns out, one of the weirdest moments of her career was actually her first meeting with the owner of the company, Vince McMahon.

During her recent interview with Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, Young recalled her first meeting with The Boss. According to Renee, her first interaction with Mr McMahon took place in a hallway where they shook hands. However it wasn’t a straight chat and the former WWE star explained how it ended up being a bizarre interaction.

“We were in Hershey, Pennsylvania, I was brought in to TV and I got to the building early, as one does when you’re new. I was used to our world of acting auditioning where you show up fresh faced then change and get ready for the show. Little me is walking around backstage with a clean face, squeaky clean, and he comes walking down the hallway, and I’m like, ‘Hi!’

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And I don’t remember who it was with him, but they said Vince should not see you without makeup on. You should be fully done.” recalled Young

“He did not react in any poor way or anything, but I remember being like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought I came here and I would go into makeup, so why would I already have makeup on?’ It was very weird.”

Renee Young continued by saying that Vince would not remember the meeting but she just remembers it because she had no clue that’s how it was supposed to work.

During the same interview, the former WWE star explained the reason behind her departure from the company in detail and you can check out her comments at this link.

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