Rich Swann Talks Wale & Mark Henry Getting Him Into WWE


Rich Swann will challenge for the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory next month.

Rich Swann will be in the main event of Impact Wrestling‘s Bound For Glory PPV next month. The former X-Division and WWE Cruiserweight Champion was recently a guest on Wrestling Observer Radio and told an interesting story about how Wale and Mark Henry were responsible for him being signed to WWE in 2015.

“Wale had, I want to say, he had came to the Lyceum show and DragonGate in New York and he had Tweeted out the next day that AR Fox, Rich Swann, Ricochet and Uhaa Nation they all need to be on TV, they all need to be on someone’s radar,” Swann said.

“And from there, he was super supportive and he helped me out, like he got me in contact with Mark Henry and Mark Henry, another one who just was a huge proponent of mine. He just helped me out and got me into the WWE‘s eyesight and I just tried to take advantage.”

Rich Swann on Almost Retiring In 2018

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Swann also talked about how negative comments and people on social media once led him to announce his retirement. This took place shortly after Swann was released from WWE in 2018.

“Everybody thought that they knew what happened with my situation. They read things that was glorified and at that moment, I was just like you know what? I need to take a step back. I need to find something else to do. Maybe this isn’t for me because I’d never gotten in trouble in my life. I’d never experienced anything like that before.”

“I sat back and I broke down. I didn’t know what to do. And guys like Tommy Dreamer, Scott D’Amore, Don Callis, Sami Callihan, my close friend Jason Cade, they would tell me ‘don’t do this, don’t retire, don’t quit.'”

He would continue to say that it was wrestlers he had worked with reaching out and telling him not to quit that eventually led him to decide to continue his career.

Rich Swann vs Eric Young for the Impact World title will take place at Bound for Glory on October 24th.