Ryback Talks Ongoing Trademark Battle with WWE


The Big Guy talks his ongoing trademark battle with WWE

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed his ongoing trademark ‘battle’ with the company. You can check out what the full show at The Ryback Show podcast or via Patreon.

“I’m dealing with it now with the Ryback trademark” The Big Guy began on the show. “We’re going into the trademark attorney’s office, they’re going to be deciding this in the next 20 months.”

Ryback on Trademark Battle

Ryback would elaborate further, saying how the situation will be ‘held up’ by WWE to cost him as much as possible in legal fees. “This is going to be tied up, it’s gonna cost me god knows how much in attorneys fees and a lot of time. [I’m] getting the Ryback trademark so they cannot use it and profit off of it in any way. Or expose it or do anything to hurt my brand further that they’ve already done, it’s crazy.”

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Ryback would also talk about WWE trying to ‘take’ his social media accounts before he left the company. “When I left there [they were] threatening me to sign over, not only all my social media, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at the time? [They wanted me to] not change my name [legally from Ryan Reeves to Ryback] AND give them my social media. Which is absurd.”

Feed Me More

The Big Guy would also confirm that the company wanted his assets beyond this, including his podcast and website. “They wanted me to sign over the rights to my website that I owned already; ‘Feed Me More,’ ‘The Big Guy,’ the podcast. They wanted me to sign everything over to them. I was already done, but my contract had not officially expired yet so what they were doing? They were trying to get me to sign everything over to them while that term was still ongoing.”

The Big Guy would finish by discussing how WWE Superstars feel ‘worried’ about contacting him because of concerns over ‘heat’ backstage. Ryback has been public in his dislike of WWE practices ever since he left the company and he states that other performers still in WWE get flack if they’re known to be speaking to him.

“That’s why a lot of them (WWE Superstars) don’t even want to affiliate and talk with me now. Because there’s heat now in that. And there are people that speak up and tell the truth, because this is how they make their living. This is why I was so hell bent on being able to create a living outside of that screwed up world.”