2 Former WWE Stars To Debut On NWA/UWN PPV


2 former WWE Superstars will face each other this tuesday on UWN's weekly PPV in conjunction with the NWA.

2 former WWE Superstars are set to make their debut on the United Wrestling Network’s Prime Time Live card next week. In conjunction with the NWA, UWN hosts weekly PPVs on FITE TV from Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California.

Scheduled for this week’s upcoming show will be former WWE Superstars Chris Masters and Darren Young (Fred Rosser). They will face each other in singles competition.

Darren Young has also been wrestling on the NJPW Strong shows. Those cards air on New Japan World and are filmed from the promotion’s Los Angeles Dojo. Masters has been competing regularly on the independent circuit as of late.

When Is NWA Powerrr Returning?

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Fans of the latest incarnation of the National Wrestling Alliance are hoping for a return of Powerrr. The promotion recently sent out a survey to fans via email, leading to speculation of a possible return shortly.

“We are currently talking about brining back POWERRR very soon, even if it means we can’t have fans in the stands because we just want to get back to work. But it’s nice to see our friend and former champion Tim Storm here. If anyone can lead us out of this, it’s a man or woman like him: who gives it all he or she’s got even when the chips are done. That sounds more grim than I mean it, ’cause yeah: still here, still kicking, and ready to get ready to rock…” Billy Corgan wrote recently.