Arn Anderson Says That FTR Could End Up The “Greatest Tag Team Ever”


The Enforcer makes a big claim about the AEW Tag Team Champions

Former WWE Agent and AEW on-screen Coach Arn Anderson recently discussed the FTR tag team on the ARN podcast.

This week’s episode of the podcast was an ‘Ask Arn Anything’ edition of the show. Co-host Conrad Thompson opted to give the podcast this format every other week as Anderson has been involved in the industry at many levels; from the NWA and WCW all the way to the last decade where he worked as an agent for WWE.

One the questions posed to Anderson involved the FTR tag team. Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood are hugely influenced by the team of Arn and Tully Blanchard, and Conrad asked Arn Anderson if he believed the group would ever ‘split’ and have singles runs. The reasoning being that the Brainbusters ‘split’ themselves and had singles runs.

Arn Anderson on FTR

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“Backing up a little bit, Tully and never split up” Arn Anderson began on the podcast. “We went separate ways because of business decisions, but it was [cordial]. We never got into a feud or anything of that nature. These guys [FTR] are committed to being a team. I think being the best team, when it’s all said and done? That ever lived.”

Arn Anderson would then make a huge claim about the AEW Tag Team Champions. “I think that’s a very achievable goal for them. And I think it’s a admirable one, because if they do become that team and they do survive the test of time? That’ll mean they’ve been in some incredible tag matches with some of the best teams alongside them of their era.”

Anderson would finish by stating that he doesn’t see the team ever splitting up. “I don’t see them splitting up, I think their goals are too consistent. I think their friendship is too consistent and they really are tight close friends. And to be honest with you? I don’t want to see them split up. I think the sum of the parts is more valuable than them individually.”

Do you agree with Arn Anderson? Do you think that FTR could end up the greatest tag team of all time? Let us know in the comments