Cody Rhodes On Remaining Open To Fan Feedback And Criticisms


Current AEW TNT Champion Cody Rhodes has addressed how AEW approaches fan feedback and criticism.

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes has addressed the feedback and criticism the promotion has received from its fans.

He confessed to TVInsider how he has always been open to feedback and has actively sought it out in the past:

“I wanted to hear what they liked, what they didn’t, what worked and what they thought didn’t work and why. I still very much stand by that.”

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Cody explained how a “background noise” exists on certain social media platforms before admitting to a personal managerial mistake he’s working on remedying.

“One of the mistakes I made in management early on is I talked a lot. I talked a lot in terms of the product will be this. This is how the product will be presented. I was basically trying to frame up what our goals were for the company. But when you talk so much, the show almost draws the ire of many fans.”

Cody On AEW’s Social Media Reports

According to Cody, AEW has a full data report of social mentions provided after every show. He claimed how this report helps them to discover “credible thoughts” shared by fans worldwide.

However, this report also allows them to “[…] see the hurt WWE fan that is pretty much going to say what they want to try and draw attention. A lot of times we have given them attention. We’re learning slowly and surely that Twitter is really aging out in terms of its value and what it can offer. That’s what I learned in year one. Talk less as a member of management and show more.”

Cody Rhodes is set to defend his AEW TNT Championship against Best Friends’ Orange Cassidy on tonight’s Dynamite Anniversary Show.