Damien Sandow Opens Up About His Failed Money In The Bank Cash In


Damien Sandow reveals WWE's reasoning behind his failed cash in attempt

Former WWE star Damien Sandow did not get a lot of spotlight moments in WWE but he made the most out of the stories given to him. There was a point during his run where he was one of the most over acts in the roster.

However, his run was bogged down with many missed opportunities as well and probably the biggest fail of his WWE career was his failed Money In The Bank cash-in attempt in 2013.

Sandow opened up about the decision from WWE management during his new interview with WrestlingInc and the Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses revealed what the officials had told him about it:

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“Yeah, I wasn’t wasn’t happy about it, but I talked to a very high-ranking official, not Vince, but in the family, and [it was] pretty much, ‘look, we’re going up against Monday Night Football and the World Series. We need this. You have three segments.’

OK, so I knew what I had to do. “said Damien Sandow,” In the long term, I was frustrated, but in the immediate, I had to worry about going on TV and get the ratings up and we did.”

The former Impact Wrestling star went on to explain that his frustration was not so much with the immediate decision for the Money In The Bank contract but the fact that the company did not have any plans for him afterwards.

Damien Sandow won the Money In The Bank during the PPV of the same name in July 2013. He went on to hold the briefcase for several months before he unsuccessfully cashed in his contract on John Cena in October, making him the first person in the history to have an unsuccessful Money In The Bank cash in.