Eric Young Reveals Original Plans For Sanity’s Main Roster Debut


Eric Young reveals what WWE had originally planned for Sanity's main roster debut

The current  Impact Wrestling World Champion Eric Young recently appeared on Sitting Ringtside with David Penzer podcast where he talked about his WWE release and more.

Many believe WWE missed a big opportunity with the Sanity faction led by the current Impact Champion when they made their debut on the main roster back in June 2018.

During the interview, Young revealed that the original plans for the group’s debut were different and they were originally going to debut a week earlier:

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“We were supposed to be with New Day and during the show which was our debut. The main event was an 8 man or a 6 man, I can’t remember, but it was 3 guys vs New Day.

New Day was going over and then our music would hit and we would stand at the top of the ring to end SmackDown and that would be the first time you see us. SmackDown would go off the air with the three of us standing there.”

However, the match involving the New Day went longer and according to Eric Young, producers then decided to nix their planned debut because they didn’t have enough time.

Sanity ended up debuting a week later, attacking the Usos before their match but the company did not have any long term plans for the group and they got disbanded less than a year later in April 2019 during the drafts.