Heath Opens Up About His Issues With His WWE Run


Impact Wrestling star Heath has opened up about his frustrations with WWE, claiming his run was "like tires spinning."

Impact Wrestling star Heath has reflected on his time in WWE, believing his former employer “never really wanted me to get over as much as I could.”

Heath joined Sitting Ringside for an interview where he detailed his issues with WWE. He believes WWE took issue with him for pitching ideas whenever he could earn some momentum with fans.

“They would work and then they would switch it. Then they end the story and put me on ice and you would not see me for a year and a half,” Heath explained. “If you do, it’s me putting over this guy. Once that happens to you four or five times, you get frustrated.”

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Heath continued, “Then you start asking questions and they say you are asking too many questions and you’re being a bother. What can I do? There is no communication between the lines. You are paying me. You have a guy that wants to work and wants to do things but you can’t get anywhere. It’s like tires spinning.”

Heath was let go by WWE earlier this year as a cost-cutting measure by the promotion in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Since leaving the company and joining Impact Wrestling, he has claimed several WWE Superstars have contacted him expressing their interest in making the jump between promotions.