Jimmy Jacobs On WWE Creative Process, Creation Of ‘The List of Jericho’


Former WWE creative writer Jimmy Jacobs has reflected on working in WWE as well as the creation of the 'List of Jericho.'

Jimmy Jacobs has reflected on his time working on WWE‘s creative team during a recent interview with The Dropkick Podcast. He opened up about his process and the genesis of ‘The List of Jericho’ gimmick.

Jacobs admitted how working with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens allowed for a great “co-collaboration” to take place between them. According to Jacobs, “[…] when you get with the great performers, when you have a great relationship, you have that co-collaboration. You bring one thing to them and then they bring something else out of it.”

He stressed this process and the relationship between them helped to elevate the ideas put forward. Jacobs pointed out how they all brought ideas to the table, with Jericho and Owens able to bring it life in a “magnificent way.”

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Jacobs then opened up about the ‘List of Jericho’ gimmick. He confessed he always thought of it as a “crumpled piece of paper he would have [in his pocket]. Jericho, however, knew it had to be more “visual.”

“He came up with the, you know, click of the pen, and the ‘You know what happens? Huh? You know what happens when you make fun of my best friend Kevin Owens?’ That’s just another example of something you conceive one way and then somebody else, you know, collaborates with it, and then the performer goes and they bring it to life in communion with the audience,” Jacobs explained. “[They get the] feeling of what the audience wants, and all of a sudden, a click of the pen becomes the loudest reaction on Monday Night RAW.”

Jimmy Jacobs argued how the ‘List of Jericho’ and Jericho’s pen clicking got so popular, WWE would often send fans home with it, positioning the gimmick at the top of the card despite the fact Jericho was meant to be a heel.