Kyle O’Reilly Talks Daily Grind Of Type 1 Diabetes


Kyle O'Reilly will headline Takeover 31 tomorrow night against NXT champion Finn Balor.

Kyle O’Reilly will headline Takeover 31 tomorrow night against NXT champion Finn Balor. The Undisputed Era member lives with Type 1 diabetes and spoke to the NY Post recently about the challenges that come from living with the condition while being a pro-wrestler.

“That’s the thing about Type 1 diabetes, it is a daily grind, a daily challenge,” O’Reilly said. “But it’s a challenge and fight I can win on a daily basis, too. I know it keeps me accountable for my own health, my own well-being. I take it into my own hands. I do what I have to do to be the best performer and the best healthy human being I can possibly be.”

O’Reilly continued to talk about the challenges associated with having Type 1 diabetes and being a professional athlete.

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“It’s not without its challenges, but it’s something I’ve dealt with my entire career since I was 18 years old. It’s something I’ve dealt with for a long time. I’ve always had a good grasp of it. I’ve looked at it as a blessing in disguise because it does sort of keep me accountable for my own health. I have no excuse to let things slide or to get lazy with my own health.”

It also appears as though some members of the UE are turning babyface. O’Reilly spoke about this as well during the interview.

“Pretty much all of my singles success in the past has come with me being a babyface, so it’s something I’m comfortable doing. It’s something I think I can be good at.”

O’Reilly won a gauntlet elimination match on NXT recently to earn the right to face Balor. The full interview can be read here.