Latest On WWE’s Plans For Holding Shows At ThunderDome


WWE is staying at least through January

It was reported earlier today that WWE had decided to extend its deal with the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida to hold ThunderDome shows through November as the original deal was slated to expire on October 31st. 

Aside from that, there had been no update until now as to what WWE has planned for December and going further. It’s looking like WWE will extend its deal with the arena for the remainder of 2020. 

Bryan Alvarez noted on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Live that he’s been told that WWE’s deal with the arena is probably going until at least January. He stated that the original agreement was for no fans to be allowed to attend. 

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However, he speculated that WWE might be able to adjust the deal and have it where fans can slowly be able to attend the events just like they’ve been doing with the Performance Center for weekly NXT shows. He added that WWE is going to be in the ThunderDome for a while. 

WWE transformed the training facility and turned it into the Capitol Wrestling Center where it’s like a mini version of the ThunderDome The only difference is that there are a few fans and family members allowed to attend while being in pods and going by the social distancing guidelines with masks. 

WWE ThunderDome Residency Extended Through End Of November