Rich Swann Talks Career-Threatening Ankle Injury Ahead of Bound For Glory


The challenger for the IMPACT World Title talks his near career-ending injury

IMPACT Wrestling Star Rich Swann will be challenging for the company’s World Title this Saturday. The former 205 Live Superstar will be taking on Eric Young for the IMPACT World Championship at the Bound For Glory PPV.

Swann recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio to discuss his upcoming Title match as well as his horrific ankle injury. Rich Swann has previously described his near career-ending and life altering injury as his Achilles being “crushed like a soda can.”

Ankle Injury

“Once I started going after the surgery to the doctor and they saw how severe it was? I showed him some of the videos of my work” Rich Swann began on Busted Open Radio. “I showed him some of the things [I do] and some of my matches, you know? How I would perform. He [the doctor] looked at me and he said ‘oh boy, if you think you’ll be doing this? You might have another thing coming!'”

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Rich Swann‘s injury took place in January of this year. In a previous interview with F4W, Swann stated “my fibula was broken clean and it was broken to the point where the bone was just sticking at the skin. It was almost a compound fracture.” Swann suffered the injury at Impact’s Bash at the Brewery 2 back in January as mentioned.

Different Profession

Swann would also mention that the severity of the injury meant he might’ve had to find another career outside of wrestling. “And then he [the doctor] started getting a little bit more serious. He was like ‘you know you might have to think about another profession? You might not even be walking, you know?'”

Rich Swann would finish by stating that the injury could’ve left him struggling to walk for the rest of his life. “‘You might literally have a limp for the rest of your life'” Swann continued. “And to hear that, you know? It was like….man, I go from being told that I’ll never be able to make it in this industry? To doing it? To it all potentially being taken away with one simple move?”

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Rich Swann
Rich Swann