Update On Marty Scurll’s Status With ROH


ROH stated they were launching an investigation into Marty Scurll.

Ring of Honor has returned to producing content for its weekly television program. Marty Scurll has not been involved, however. Scurll was the subject of allegations during the #SpeakingOut movement and it was announced that ROH would be launching an investigation into his past conduct. There have been no updates from ROH regarding the investigation.

Scurll is said to not be involved in creative with the company at the moment. He isn’t be used as a wrestler either.

Dave Meltzer addressed Scurll’s situation on Wrestling Observer Radio.

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“Marty Scurll was taken off the Ring of Honor roster page,” Meltzer said. “Obviously, Marty Scurll’s not worked, he’s not the booker anymore, he’s had nothing to do with creative. From the #SpeakingOut allegations, at this point, there’s no plans to use him. As far as is that forever? I don’t know. I just know he was taken off the active roster, has not been used at any of the TVs, he’s not booked at any of the TVs going forward for right now.”

“As far as I know he hasn’t been fired, so I don’t know what the exact situation is other than they’re not using him,” he continued.