Details On WWE’s Planned Feud For Lars Sullivan


Lars Sullivan returned to WWE on the first night of the draft.

Lars Sullivan returned to WWE Friday night on Smackdown. He also appeared on RAW last night and attacked the Miz and John Morrison. Sullivan will face Jeff Hardy in singles action on this coming edition of Smackdown as well.

According to comments made on Wrestling Observer Radio, there is a planned direction for Sullivan. Whether the company sticks to this direction or not might be another story but the plan is for Sullivan to eventually feud with Braun Strowman.

“Well, you knew that Lars Sullivan’s feud is not going to be with Miz and Morrison, they’re just there to get destroyed,” said Dave Meltzer.

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“It’s Strowman in a year but not yet, they are on a different sides,” Meltzer continued to say about where Lars is going.

“There is, Braun Strowman in a year,” Meltzer then responded when Bryan Alvarez sounded skeptical that there is a plan. “I already know that.”

Alvarez then offered to bet Meltzer $50 on whether or not the feud actually happens. Currently, Strowman and Sullivan are on separate brands.

“There is a direction, there is always a direction. It’s just Vince wakes up and changes the direction, you know how that goes,” Meltzer continued.