Dax Harwood Releases Statement Following Loss To The Young Bucks


Dax Harwood has released a statement regarding FTR vs the Young Bucks.

It happened. FTR wrestled the Young Bucks and now, many wrestling fans are rejoicing. The match that was years in the making took place at AEW Full Gear. The Young Bucks defeated FTR and won the AEW World Tag Team Championships for the first time.

Dax Harwood released a statement regarding the match. He posted the following to Twitter:

“The emotions of Saturday night have finally settled down. Thank you to everyone for the praise & admiration of this match. The texts and calls I’ve received from guys and girls who are considered the best in this business will never be forgotten. We poured every bit of passion, intensity, & fire we could muster up from the bottom of our soul to find out who was the best.”

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“I had many sleepless nights because of this one match. The moment in time that our hands would be raised and we’d be called the greatest tag team of this generation actually scared me. What if we didn’t deliver on our behalf?! What if this one match completely tainted our legacy?! Money’s cool. Fame is cool. A legacy lasts forever.”

“Will it go down as one of the greatest tag matches in US wrestling history? I don’t know. My only hope is that we made you FEEL. I don’t care about the stars or the ratings. For 36 years, professional wrestling has made me FEEL. I still FEEL! With everything I have, I LOVE this sport. I’m happy this match could for you what many others did for me.”

“Young Bucks, I hope there’s a round 2. Top Guys, out.”