James Ellsworth Provides Update On Gillberg’s Health


James Ellsworth confirmed that the former WWE star is out of ICU

Former WWE star James Ellsworth has provided an update on his friend and fellow former WWE star Gillberg after he suffered a heart attack earlier this week.

Ellsworth took on his Twitter on Thursday to provide an update on his Friend’s condition and he revealed that Gillberg, real name Duane Gill is out of ICU after suffering the heart attack on Wednesday:

“Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving. I just got off the phone with the wife of Duane Gill, also known as Gillberg; she wanted to let everyone know what’s going on with Duane. He had a heart attack yesterday. But he is doing good now and just got out of ICU.”

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Ellsworth also said that the former Light Heavyweight Champion is expected to be back home soon and start the transition to return to his normal self:

“Please send your prayers to Gillberg and his family at this time. We hope he will be home soon and back to his normal, funny, goofy self. Take care, guys and God bless you all. Stay safe.”

Gillberg, whose character was a parody of WCW’s Goldberg was a popular jobber from the Attitude Era who had a couple of stints with WWE in the 90s.

He has made sporadic appearances for the promotion since 2003 and he seemingly retired from active competition in February earlier this year.