Jim Cornette Says WWE Match is How Pro Wrestling “Should’ve Evolved”


Corny discusses the blow-away match between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov

Former WWE, TNA, WCW and NWA personality Jim Cornette recently discussed the NXT UK bout between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov. The two UK based Superstars had a brutal, bloody match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship that gained critical acclaim.

Cornette himself was a huge fan of the match itself. Discussing the bout on the Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette would say that this was how pro wrestling could, and should, have evolved.

Jim Cornette on WALTER vs Dragunov

“I tweeted that for all the people talking about ‘pro wrestling has to evolve and pro wrestling has evolved and pro wrestling has to modernise.’ Well this is what it COULD have evolved into” Cornette began on the podcast.

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“That’s if it hadn’t been commandeered, taken, over co opted or otherwise run into the ground over the last 20 years by comedy writers and backyard cosplayers.”

Cornette would then praise the match further, saying “This was brilliant. And the evolution thing? Again it’s so ridiculous. When you have guys doing everything but sticking fireworks up their asses and running around playing f*cking hopscotch in the middle of the ring on one national programme?”

Jim Cornette would finish by discussing the disparity between this presentation from NXT UK and the rest of WWE‘s output currently. “The major company that operates this little subsidiary [NXT UK] that just put on this classic? This Oscar winner? [WWE] has f*cking Judge Judy and People’s Court mashups on their network cable programme in this country! AND all this other tomfoolery and shenanigans!”

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Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette (Photo: Vice)