Kenny Omega Explains North Carolina References During Ring Introductions


Kenny Omega's ring introductions lately have included references to the state of North Carolina.

Recently in AEW, Kenny Omega has been given long introductions before making his way to the ring. These ring intros include a listing of his many accomplishments and nicknames but also some strange references to the state of North Carolina.

According to Omega himself, the references to North Carolina are an homage to the starting lineup introductions for the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls. Fans would always cheer loudly when the PA announcer would say “From North Carolina, at guard, 6ft 6, Michael Jordan!”

Jordan played college ball in North Carolina and spent much of his childhood in Wilmington, NC.

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Lance Storm asked about the references to North Carolina recently on Twitter and Omega responded.

Kenny Omega Inducted Into Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

Additionally, Kenny Omega was recently selected for induction in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. Omega also responded to this news on Twitter recently.

“I’m not even sure what to say. To be amongst those that have done so much for our sport is incredibly humbling. With however many years I have left as an active performer, I’ll keep trying my best to contribute something positive to the world of Pro Wrestling,” Omega Tweeted.